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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Incidentals/Miscellaneous Payment – On day of charter the credit cardholder of lessee who made the initial reservation must come in person and sign the paperwork. All Incidentals/miscellaneous
payments made for boat rental must be with the same card of which lessee used to reserve the boat. If card is expired by the day of charter, lessee must provide a new credit card with lessee’s name. If credit card has since expired from when making the initial reservation cardholder may use a different card as long as it is still in cardholder’s name. If cardholder has since been married and card is no longer valid under maiden name cardholder must provide valid card with married name. Incidentals/Miscellaneous Payment may also be done in cash but credit card of lessee must still be provided. Failure to do so will result in a non-refundable cancellation. A payment of $750 for Incidentals/miscellaneous will be charged prior to Lessee taking possession of the boat. A cash payment is also accepted. Lessee must still provide Atlantis Boat Rental LLC with Lessees credit card.

Additional Terms and Conditions
1. At no time is Lessee permitted to remove engine cover, fuel, work on vessel in any mechanical way shape or form.
2. Lessee will follow all boating laws.
3. Safety equipment is to be used for emergency purposes only.
4. Lessee is to remain a safe distance from
-Diver Down Flags
-Emergency personal/Tow vehicles
5. Entry and exit of vessel while under power is strictly prohibited.
6. Towing of person(s), objects or other vessels is strictly prohibited.
7. Passengers will not lean out of vessel while under way, including arms or legs over the side.

Permitted Areas of Navigation.
Northern Boundary- Card Sound Road Bridge. Northern Boundary- Carry’s Fort Reef.
Western Boundary- ICW and Inland Waterways. Eastern Boundary- Edge of reefs.
Southern Boundary- Tavernier Creek. Southern Boundary- Tavernier Creek.

Out of Bounds Charges- $100.00 will be charged to Lessee if Lessee leaves the navigational boundaries listed. An additional $100 will be charged for every boat remains out of permitted navigational zone.

Late Charge- A $100.00 late charge will be charged to Lessee if Lessee returns after the agreed upon time on front of contract. Lessee will be charged an additional $100 for every hour.

Tow Fee- I the lessee fully understand and agree to pay a tow fee if responsible for disabling watercraft by crash, damages to the engine, running watercraft out of fuel or any other action resulting in watercrafts inability to move under its own power. I the lessee fully read and understand and agree to being responsible for paying an assistance fee of $35 plus $25 per mile when requesting help be sent out to my location while on the water, parked at a dock, or aground.
Lessee does have options to call Sea Tow or Tow Boat U.S. if desired. Lessee understands he/she is not permitted to allow any tow assistance from private party vessel or commercial vessels unless it is of the U.S. Coast card, Tow Boat U.S., Sea Tow, or other Law enforcement such as Monroe County Sherriff, Florida Wildlife Conservation, National Park Services.

You leave with a full tank and are responsible for paying the fuel you use. The boat must be fueled upon return and you pay for what you use. Only Atlantis Boat Rental staff is authorized to fuel the boat. Fuel price subject to change. Fueling of rental craft is to be fueled by Atlantis Boat Rental LLC. Lessee is not permitted to fuel rental craft at any time. Lessee will be charged for a full tank of fuel and oil mix if Lessee fueled boat with any amount. Fuel price charged will be at the sole discretion of Atlantis Boat Rental LLC.

$8 Service Oil/Maintenance Charge Per Day
To insure our fleet stay reliable for your boating experience there is an $8 maintenance service fee per day charged with your reservation. This money helps fund mechanic charges to service the fleet. Oil checks, spark plugs, filters and other routine maintenance. This does not apply to incidentals during your rental.

$750 Incidentals/Miscellaneous Payment
Lessee is responsible for paying a $750 incidentals/miscellaneous payment the day of rental pick-up. The payment will be returned after inspection of boat. Depending on your method of payment it may take 1-5 business days to return to you. If cash payment is paid payment may be returned same day.

Credit Card Charge Authorization
Credit card holder authorizes Atlantis Boat Rental LLC to charge provided credit card of Lessee for any and all additional incidentals/miscellaneous exceeding payment amount. Lessee agrees to pay property replacement cost to Lessor determined by Lessor. Lesser further authorizes Lessor to charge Lessees credit card on file without dispute to Lessor.