Rental Gear -

Snorkel Kit (mask, snorkel, fins) $10 each  Per Rental
Spinning Rods (tackle sold separately)   $10 each  Per Rental
Trolling Rods (tackle sold separately)   $25 each  Per Rental
Inflatable Animal (for kids)  $10 each  Per Rental
Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board $60 each  Per Day
Inflatable Lounge $60 each Per Day

Rental Extensions - 

2 Hour Extension of rental for sunset cruise (half day rental) $65  +100.00 Every additional hour.
2 Hour Extension of rental for sunset cruise (full day rental)  $50 +100.00 Every additional hour.
Reschedule Fee $25  +$25 for every 6 month extension.

Service Fee's - 

DON'T BE ALARMED These additional fees are rarely ever actually charged. Atlantis Boat Rental has probably only charged these sort of fees twice in the past four years.

ATLANTIS BOAT RENTAL is certainly the most forgiving and understanding company you can reserve a boat from and the chance of you ever being charged these fees is basically none. We understand straying off course for a moment and being a little late getting back or needing a little assistance while on the water. This happens often and you wont be the first, The only reason we would charge something like a Late Fee or Boundaries fee is if you was notified you went out of our zone or was late and completely ignored the fact and abused and stayed out of our zone or failed to return the boat anyway.

Assistance Fee $25/Hour+ +Fuel consumed by our chase boat
Tow Fee (If you are Towed By ATLANTIS) you are able request TowBoat U.S. or SEA TOW $35+ +$25 per mile.
 Late Fee

 $100 For being late  +100 For every additional hour 
Out of Boundaries $100 For leaving boundaries  +100 For every additional hour