About Atlantis,

 The Customer Service

  • There is no argument, nobody offers more actual “service” than Atlantis.
  • Thorough map and boat orientation provided.
  • We make your experience as easy and effortless as possible.
  • Helpful staff to assist with loading and unloading of the boat.
  • We only charge at pump prices for fuel, not at a surplus charge like our competitors.

Attention to detail

  • All boats are fully washed and detailed after each use so you are always guaranteed an impeccable looking boat.
  • Fully equipped with GPS, fish finder, depth gauge, Bluetooth device and more.
  • Longer ladder makes it easier to get in and out of boat when swimming/snorkeling.
  • Back support seats with buoyancy cushions for additional comfort.
  • All boats are properly maintained and powered for their size which allows you to zip along faster than other rentals.
  • All boats are powered by YAMAHA making them economical on gas consumption.


The Experience

  • Explore the best of Key Largo by being your own captain! - approximately 150 sq miles of crystal clear water of the Florida bay, back-country and open ocean including the prestigious Pennakamp State Park.  See dozens of Islands, Mangrove trails, beautiful marine and wildlife and not to mention tons of great snorkeling and fishing!

 Ideal Location

  • From one of the most popular marinas in Key Largo you can quickly venture out any direction and be entertained.
  • We offer a fine dining experience at our location which is a perfect way to wind down the day and relax.
  • Visible major land features make map and GPS navigation a breeze to follow.
  • Convenient ocean access
  • Fuel Dock
  • Ice
  • Restaurant 


  • Easy boarding and disembarking
  • We help dock your boat on return if you want.
  • Full U.S. Coast Guard required safety equipment onboard.
  • Clear open view from helm areato see where you are going even when seated.
  • Our boats all have bilge pumps.
  • Easy to maneuver and extremely stable.
  • Long range VHF radios.
  • GPS tracking locater so we can always assist you while on the water.
  • TowBoat U.S. assistance.

What to ask a boat rental company?

  • Is the boat they offer really what I need? - Sometimes a company may offer you a boat to get the boat rented or to not lose a potential sale but not take into account is it best for the customer. Does the boat they offer really have what you need or is it to just get you onboard and on the water? With Atlantis, we will make the best suggestion for you based on your needs and type of recreation you intend on doing. Even if we have the wrong type of boat that's the opposite of what you need we will tell you before offering it. We want you to have a perfect experience with us here at Atlantis Boat Rental.


  • What does the boat come with? Believe it or not there are a few companies out there that really dont offer a boat with any navigational instruments or even a music device. All our boats at Atlantis come standard fully equipped with GPS, fish finder, depth gauge and Bluetooth device. Even more great features are available depending on the style of boat you are renting.


  • Is fuel included? This is a big question for people but usually the answer is always no anywhere you rent a boat. The reason is a boat can easily hold 60-150 gallons or more and if you rent a boat with fuel included the rental company is gonna assume you will try to burn every last drop when using the boat. This is possible for a smaller tank but really you would have to spend the entire day driving so you wouldn't do much of anything else. Wasted day on the customers part. Reality is this, the fuel price in these cases is usually built in and that extra cost you are paying for a boat is what it cost to replace a full tank of fuel. Also, if you think more about it the most you're gonna do is get in the boat and go to a few different places and stop to snorkel of fish. The rest of your 8 hour day or however many it may be you are parked. You will not empty a tank of fuel for a day like that. So all that money you spent extra on a boat to have the fuel included you actually overspent on the rental and the company who rented it to you rented you a boat and sold you a lot of gas you didn't even use or had anyway of actually using. Yup, gotta be careful how things are angled.With Atlantis, you pay for what you use not what you dont.


  • What are the areas of navigation? This is another one that really sets Atlantis apart from other companies. Some companies only have a navigational zone of 5 mile radius of their location or only allow the boat on the bayside. Atlantis offers one of the largest navigation zones which includes over 240sq miles of open blue water both oceanside and Florida bay. See our area of navigation and boundaries 


  • Will the hotel I'm staying at allow me to keep the boat at their dock? You may find that almost all hotels will require a boat at their dock to have an additional insurance policy for their location. Usually its about $300k. Atlantis does have this policy and our boats are welcomed anywhere by the local hotels or resorts our guest will be making accommodations.


Unfortunately there are just some things that you wont really know the answers to until you see the boat in person. You might see pictures of a new beautiful boat on a website and in person after you already paid in advance the boat is beat up and no longer looks anything like the pictures. Maybe those pictures where how the boat looked... 4 years ago. Another thing would be how does it handle, is it smooth or has it been poorly maintained. Is the equipment advertised up to date and properly working? Atlantis boats are thoroughly cleaned and detailed after each use, maintained by great mechanics and all our equipment is constantly being rotated and upgraded to newer and better stuff year after year. We are so confident in our boats and service we would do a side by side comparison with any other rental boat or with any other rental company. 


Each year Atlantis Boat Rental provides the best customer service, maintained boats and unforgettable experience.